‘1 or 2 rate cuts’ is the next move from the Fed: Strategist

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The Federal Reserve decided to keep rates steady after its two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting, causing some uncertainty over the central bank’s next move. However, following recent inflation data and April’s jobs report, there might be room for the Fed to change rates.

Schwab Asset Management CEO and CIO Omar Aguilar joins Market Domination to give insight into the Federal Reserve, the economy’s growth, and more.

Aguilar explains his predictions for rate cuts in this current environment: “Our estimate based on what we see, the economy is slowing down as well as the inflation finally getting to the point where the Fed might look at options, put us into 1 or 2 rate cuts for this year, most likely starting, more in the fall, more like in September, with still slight probability to do it in July. But certainly, I think the data on inflation will have to give plenty of reasons for the Fed to make that move in July.”

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This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

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